Timex watch and phone mockup

Timex group

UX Designer

Envisioning a new approach of watch technology by helping design wearable devices along with a seamless mobile experiences.

As a UX Designer, I collaborated with the research and development team through various functions through the development process for wearable devices. As part of the UX team, I was tasked with maintaining and creating documentation, researching, product development, wireframing, prototyping, product testing, user testing, and content creation for multiple products.

Timex Smart App


A key goal was to ensure that all of the users had the same experience with the app no matter what watch they were connecting with. Empathizing with the user was pivotal, determining what the user expected and wanted from the experience was critical to ensure a seamless experience between the watch and the application.

Timex select a device screen mockup


One of the many challenges we faced as a team was designing an app that will function for multiple watches.

This posed many challenges, for example:

Testing / Initial Concepts

Through brainstorming sessions a simple prototype of the design was created for user testing. The design was updated to reflect the improved design based on the user.

Design System

Design systems were developed to create consistency and to close any gaps between the R&D team and our Developers. 

Please note proprietary design information from Timex Group is being withheld.